From Humble Beginnings

Hi, I’m Mady and I have been baking pretty much since I could walk. I have always said that I wanted a baking business of my own but thought I couldn't do it so I decided to do animal management in college. After I finished that, the obvious career choice was making cake (what else would you do with a double distinction in animal management).
Baked by Mady began with one woman who wanted to create cakes made from the best ingredients. With a mixing bowl, big dreams, and that double distinction in animal management, she created a business and now everyone’s buzzing about Baked by Mady cakes.
So what’s the secret?

I don’t believe in compromises, so why should you? That’s why I’ve focussed on creating the best tasting treats using nothing but the best available ingredients. Whether it’s a cupcake, tray bake, or a box of delicious cookies, I see each creation as more than just a mouth watering treat for your tastebuds, I see it as a work of art.
That’s why I focus on every detail and only use the best ingredients. What does that mean for you? Well that means that every bite will tingle your tastebuds and transport you to a world of flavour, artisan design, and amazing treats made from only the best ingredients.
I completed my allergy and food hygiene and safety training, registered and insured my business and got a 5 star hygiene rating! 
Today, I make so many different cakes and the menu is always being updated.  I now have regular customers who come back for more all the time.
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